Success Story of a Strong Believer in Lifelong Learning
Grooming Students for Advanced Learning
April 21, 2015
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New Developments
April 25, 2015

Featuring the success story of Mr Krishnasamy Govindasamy, one of our ES WSQ ICT Training participants, who is now able to perform very well in his new job as a Library Engagement Officer.

A 52-year old former Computer Technician, Mr Krishnasamy Govindasamy strongly believes that age is no barrier to learning. For that reason, he continuously improves his ICT skills to excel in his new job role as a Library Engagement Officer at Evtec Management Services Pte Ltd, which provides security and customer service solutions to local libraries.

As a start, Krishnasamy underwent ES WSQ ICT Training with SSA Consulting Group to improve his ICT skills. He then continues his learning journey by registering for advanced ES WSQ ICT modules and is confident that the training will bring his ICT skills to greater heights.

With his newly acquired skills after the ES WSQ ICT training, Krishnasamy’s incredible transformation fosters his ability to not only help library users with online catalogues. He also becomes more confident of his ICT skills, following which his communication skills have also vastly improved.

“He can now assist library users in drafting letters and creating charts for school projects. He also helps senior citizens to create email addresses. This in turn, boosts his confidence and enables the company to build a long-term relationship of trust with the clients,” says his supervisor, Mr Roy Teo, Operations Executive.