Our values are the cornerstone of SSA Consulting Group and the very reason for our existence.
1)Dedication:We shall consistently conduct ourselves with professionalism, commitment and passion, knowing that we will make a difference to our clients.
2)Respect:We regard our clients, partners , associates, employees, community and the environment with utmost respect and due care.
3)Integrity:We conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards as required by the professions that we belong to.
4)Versatility:We are flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs.
5)Excellence:We believe in setting and achieving exemplary and world-class standards in all aspects of our services, striving to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

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SSA Consulting Group (SSA) is an umbrella corporation providing professional services, for nearly three decades, in the areas of training, management consulting, public accounting, estate planning. SSA has been consistently ranked among the top 1,000 SMEs in Singapore (2011-2014). To date, we have consulted for more than 200 companies, business enterprises and non-profit organisations and trained more than 100,000 members of Singapore's workforce.

We at SSA Consulting Group are in the business of unleashing the possibilities that reside in organisations and human capital. Over the years, we have helped enterprises both large and small to see beyond their perceived limitations, and ushered them towards a new phase of dynamism and innovation.

As an integrated consulting firm, we offer consultancy services in Productivity and Quality Management, Human Capital Development, Strategic Management, Financial Management, Organisational Development and Leadership, as well as Entrepreneurship Development. In these areas, we also provide comprehensive consultancy-led training services.

We also collaborate with the Singapore government to boost capacity in the private sector through our participation in a range of governmentfunded initiatives such as SPRING Singapore’s Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) and the Capability Development Grant (CDG), as well as the Workforce Development Agency’s Enterprise Training Scheme (ETS).

We have a strong track record of delivering

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