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Mathematics remains an undisputed major component of almost all the fields of engineering, management, economics and several other streams. Over the period of time, it has also become the basic building block of Computer Science. It is very important to understand mathematics the right way. Fastrack's Intromath courses are here to help you do it.With a vision to inspire and empower every learner in the world, Intromath has been proving to significantly improve the student-success rates at numerous academic institutions.

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Intromath, a Vretta creation, is a window to a rich engaging experience in mathematics. It builds on Canada's global reputation as an educational leader by providing premium quality experiences in mathematics to students.We offer a wide range of programs such as Foundation of Mathematics, Mathematics for Business and Finance, Technology Mathematics, Assessment of Remedial modules and Assessment Learning Program. The courses are designed by experts with utmost importance to real-world scenarios.

The resources available on Intromath are created by teams of highly experienced instructional designers, authors, and subject matter specialists who are constantly researching innovative methods of building new math models, software engines, and pedagogies that make mathematics intuitive, logical, and exciting for every learner.

Intromath provides students, professors, and administrators with access to math courses (lessons), assessment tools (labs), e-textbooks, and other world-class educational materials that are housed on customized learning management systems and are available on demand through cutting edge cloud computing technologies.

Our assessment and remedial modules are tailored to the specific needs of each institution and help them find areas of strength and weakness. We believe that rectification is followed by realization. We help them identify their areas of weakness and enable them to a focused remediations.

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