Reshaping The Learning Experience
SSA Now an ATO for Chartered Accountants of Singapore
April 24, 2015
Grooming Students for Advanced Learning
April 21, 2015

Vretta is an education technology company that builds ground-breaking online and hybrid learning solutions that are raising the level of numeracy for students at academic institutions.

We believe that an appropriate response to the need for improved numeracy skills is not to offer “more of the same” but to deliver innovative, research-based mastery and adaptive learning approaches that will motivate and engage learners. The goal is not simply to increase achievement in the short term but to stimulate new understandings and skills that will influence learners in the long term also.

With a vision to inspire and empower every learner in the world, we deliver innovative learning solutions to thousands of students at schools and post-secondary institutions via Education Ministries and academic partners.